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daily_pony's Journal

My Little Pony - Daily
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Showing off our My Little Ponies!
Hey there! This is daily_pony, where we post pictures of our ponies!

There's just a few rules:

1. One post per member per day. Picture must include a My Little Pony figure. This can be a regular pony, a custom, any generation, just so long as the pony is a My Little Pony. Custom fakies are okay.
2. If you can do so, please tag your posts with the generation and name, and the type of figure (brusable, molded, custom)
3. There's no need for a long scribe within the entry. In fact... don't need any, just don't do it. If you need to add something, just comment your own entry. That's fine, folks, really. Let your picture do the talking.
4. Having said that. Lets keep the pictures at a decent size that doesn't make people's connections throw their hands up in despair? No bigger than say... 550px across? If you can do less, that's awesome, but no bigger than that.
5. Don't hotlink other people's pics. Goes without saying.
6. Don't be a dick, okay? Be nice in the comments or Taylor Swift goes on repeat, people. Don't make me do it, I swear I will.

Enjoy your stay! If you have any questions, feel free to contact boomdiada